I love spending Sundays at my parents house. We always have a fabulous lunch on the porch together gearing up for the week ahead. My mother has some amazing bushes that bloom little white flowers. They have always been my favorite and I look forward to seeing them every spring and summer. With friends, family, and a glass of wine we chat till the sun goes down.

The Elizabeth’s Hope Shirt is one of my favorite button downs from Gretchen Scott Designs. All of the proceeds from this shirt go to Weill Cornell Pediatric Brain Tumor Project. This is a wonderful way to support the organization that is helping others in so many ways. 

Ally, one of my best friends, just came home from living over seas for 6 months! I was so excited to see her. She brought me this beautiful Shlomit Ofir necklace and this dainty gold chain pearl ring. They were both so lovely I needed to wear them immediately!

Elizabeth’s Hope Shirt: http://www.gretchenscottdesigns.com

Henry & Belle White jeans from 14 Districts in Carmel.

Shlomit Ofir Necklace: http://www.shlomitofir.com

xoxoxo- Preppy Girl