The Indianapolis fashion community came together last night for the fantastic Versailles ’73: American Runway Revolution movie. It was a wonderful documentary exploring the night that changed American fashion forever. From the way the models moved down the runway to the bright colors strutting on stage, the french looked at American fashion differently from that day forward.

My fellow fashionistas and I had the pleasure of hearing from the films director, Deborah Riley Draper about her amazing experience meeting such wonderful fashion icons and learning about a monumental evening in fashion history.

I decided to wear a very special new top in my wardrobe. This is a new design by Lux and Ivy based right here in Indianapolis! I picked this top up at Pattern’s Bindery event last week and just couldn’t wait to wear it.

Fashion Arts Society hosted a fabulous cocktail party after the show where ladies were encouraged to dress in their 70’s best! The beautiful IMA Fountain Room was filled with ladies in bright colors and flowing pants holding the Fashion Arts Society Signature Cocktail for the evening.

My Outfit:

-Lux and Ivy Collared Top:

-Chicos Black Pants.

– Enzo Angiolini Shoes.

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xoxoxo – Preppy Girl