Lets talk interesting magazines, unique books and worldwide newspapers. PRINTtEXT, a fabulous new addition to 52nd and college, is the place to find just that. Benjamin and Janneane Blevin opened the door to PRINTtEXT in Broad Ripple this past weekend. My husband and I made our way over to visit as soon as we could. We are two people with a coffee table full of old magazines and favorite books and not an inch of room for an actual cup of coffee. Naturally, we fell in love with the tables piled high with paper goods you can’t just find anywhere. The shops eclectic collection spans from iconic art books to fashion magazine must-haves.

Preppy Guide to Life Preppy Guide to Life Preppy Guide to Life Preppy Guide to LifePreppy Guide to Life Preppy Guid to Life

PRINTtEXT: 652 East 52nd Street, Indianapolis.

Bravo to Benjamin and Janneane Blevin on a fantastic addition to the Broad Ripple neighborhood!

xoxoxo – Preppy Girl