Through my India Hicks journey, I met Maria Baer! She loves a color-coded closet as much as I do, and launched her own residential organizing and party styling business last year, The Baer Minimalist. She will be sharing some her closet tips and tricks on an upcoming post, featuring my closet.


1.What part of Indy do you live in?

I live on the Northwest side of Indy, right by Trader’s Point Creamery (who has the most delicious cheese board around by the way).

  1. What is our cities “hidden gem”?

I think the “hidden gem” is what a gem of a city we are! This city is filled with amazing culture, endless opportunities for entrepreneurs, the tastiest food and cocktail scene and the ability to find yourself just hours from so many other great cities in just a few hours. I am such a HUGE fan of Indianapolis.

  1. What is your favorite restaurant?

Hands down, Oakley’s Bistro! This has been our special occasion spot for the last 10 years – in fact, for my husbands 25th birthday, I gifted him a “Chef for a Day” experience where he got to work alongside their amazing team all day, and I got to join him that night for a 3-course dinner. Best gift I’ve ever given. 😉

  1. Where is your favorite place to take an out-of-town guest?

My husband and I absolutely love supporting local restaurants, so there is always a restaurant tour on deck when friends come in town. Exploring the International Marketplace near Lafayette and 38th Street always turns up a really amazing authentic spot that we’ve not experienced before. But staples of our tour also include Bluebeard, Spoke & Steele and the Livery.

  1. Where is the best place to grab a cocktail?

I am crazy about the “Fire and Ice” cocktail at Delicia – as that ice cube melts, the drink gets spicier and spicier! Seriously, so delicious!

  1. Where is a great place to pick up a unique gift?

I love consumable gifts – as a professional organizer, I try not to add a ton of clutter to people’s lives. So on that note, I am all about gifting macarons from Gallery Pastry Shop or a unique experience, like a calligraphy class, a chef dinner or a massage.

  1. Where can you get the best cup of coffee?

I’ve recently invested a little too much of my paycheck into the Spice Latte at Coat Check Coffee. Have you tried this? If not, my treat!!

  1. What is your favorite part about living in Indy?

I moved to Indy 12 years ago when I graduated from the University of North Dakota! I only knew a handful of people in the city (including my future husband, who was the reason I landed here) and was very apprehensive about what the future would hold. I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone I’ve crossed paths with, the ability to start a thriving business with the help of several mentors and the deep-rooted friendships that I’ve developed. Indianapolis is definitely HOME to me!

  1. Who is your favorite Indy based artist, designer, writer, or blogger?

Besides you?! I love Beth Chappo, another transplant to this great city, who writes over at “Seersucker and Saddles.”

  1. What would you like to see next for our city?

I would love to see Indy get more recognition for being as amazing as it is (although, it wouldn’t be our little hidden gem anymore, would it?). I feel like we do not get the credit we deserve and there are some incredible innovators in this city that are making waves in their respective industries. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us!

We hope this inspires you to try new experiences in our little slice of the midwest!

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xoxoxo, Preppy Girl