6 Months Old


Our little lady is six months old and I can’t believe it. These last six months have flown by and I would not trade them for the anything. Watching this little girl grow has been magical. From rolling over to sitting up, I continue to watch in awe as she achieves these accomplishments. I can’t wait to see what the next six months bring! Happy half birthday to the coolest little girl in the world.

Gap Kids stripped outfit and bow: http://www.gap.com

xoxoxo, Preppy Girl

Beauty Counter with Morgan Corya


1. What is the benefit of using Beauty Counter products versus other brands?
Beautycounter is a skin care and make up line that has banned 1,500 ingredients that they will never use in their products because they are known cancer-causers or hormone disruptors. Beautycounter uses the best available data to screen these ingredients for safety and effectiveness. We spend a lot of money at the grocery store for organic and natural food, lets use the same mind-set for skin care! Our mission is to get safer products into the hands of all people.

2. What is your favorite Beauty Counter product?
Oh, where do I start?! I love all of their products that I have personally tried. Because of my acne-prone, somewhat oily skin, I have gravitated towards the Balancing Collection. I use a charcoal bar as face wash every morning and night. Then I follow with a few drops of Balancing Oil, counterintuitive, I know, but oil helps heal acne! Lastly, I use the Day or Night cream. Once or twice a week you will catch me with my charcoal face mask, it helps draw out any impurities.

3. What product would you suggest for babies?
The Baby Balm, hands down. For babies, its a great all over moisturizer, especially during the dry winter months, or for chapped little drooling lips year-round. People who have children who suffer from eczema have also found that using Baby Balm as a spot treatment has vastly improved their child’s skin! It is like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding! I use it on my acne at night when my face is super sensitive, I use it as a thick hand cream and for cuticles, I use it as an eye make up remover.

4. What is a good product to have for these summer months?
Quick story and I promise it answers the question! I went to the Sam Hunt concert at Klipsch this weekend. I was nervous because we were getting there around 6 and I knew the sun would be blazing. Before the concert, I used Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer (it contains SPF 20), I set it with the mattifying powder, then set my makeup with the Nourishing Rosewater Mist. After hanging out in the lawn, with a few drinks, dancing and singing my heart out, I got home (a little later than I anticipated, 2am) and my make up was still perfect. I never felt like I looked sweaty and our pictures turned out so adorable! So, to answer your question, Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer, Mattifying powder and Rosewater Mist.
Beautycounter also carries a sunblock lotion, body stick, face stick and lip balm. It contains non-nano zinc oxide, meaning the zinc oxide particles are too large to enter your bloodstream. It is literally a protective layer you rub on your skin to protect it from the harsh rays, but you do not have any zinc oxide entering your body. Perfect for kids and adults!

5. How did you get started with Beauty Counter?
One of my friends introduced me to it and I saw significant improvement in my skin health, texture and overall feel. I had suffered from gluten induced dermatitis. I cut all gluten and wheat out of my diet and couldn’t figure out why my elbows and knees were still on fire with little itchy bumps. After some research, I discovered most, if not all, body washes and shampoos contain gluten. I immediately switched to the Beautycounter Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner along with the Citrus Mimosa Body Wash and Citrus Mimosa lotion. My breakouts on my body were visibly better after one shower. I am thankful for my body’s outward response; it needed a safer, more natural change. And that is what I gave it! Since then, I have switched all of my skin care and makeup to Beautycounter and I will never look back!

I urge you to go to youtube and watch “We all Deserve Better” video. It helps explain Beautycounter’s mission!

I am offering a special for all of Preppy Girl’s followers! Get in touch with me thru my email (morgan.corya@yahoo.com) to place an order, mention that you read this interview and I will throw in a free gift with purchase. Also, receive a free gift when you host a social in June!


Morgan Corya

Walking in Gingham

After having my daughter, I decided to walk around our neighborhood almost everyday. There is nothing better than a J. Crew gingham workout outfit to get you moving! It has been a great way to get back into shape and give Vienna her daily walk.


Photography by Lunatic Imagery: http://www.lumaticimagery.com

My Outfit:

J.Crew gingham workout outfit: http://www.jcrew.com

Zoe Chicco initial necklaces: http://www.zoechicco.com

Nike sneakers: http://www.nike.com

xoxoxo, Preppy Girl

Mother’s Day!

I had the most magical first Mother’s Day with my family at The Cake Bake Shop! We took over the beautiful backroom for an afternoon of fresh mimosas, delicious cakes and perfect presents. I could not have asked for a better afternoon with my daughter. If you haven’t visited this little slice of heaven … put it on your to-do list right away!


The Cake Bake Shop: 6515 Carrollton Avenue, Indianapolis.

Photography by Lunatic Imagery: http://www.lumaticimagery.com

My Outfit:

Vineyard Vines gingham dress: http://www.vineyardvines.com

Hat from 14 Districts Weekend: 736 Hanover Place, Carmel.

Vienna’s Outfit:

Nautica navy dress: http://www.nautica.com

Gap Baby bow: http://www.gap.com

xoxoxo, Preppy Girl

Katie Marple’s Guide to Indy


1.What part of Indy do you live in? South Broad Ripple a.k.a SoBro.

2. What is our cities “hidden gem”? The westside off of Lafayette Rd.
If you ever want legit ethnic cuisine, go to the west side. Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Mexican…..you’ll find it there.

3. What is your favorite restaurant? This one is hard since Indianapolis has turned into a mecca for foodies. I would say my current obsession is Open Society. I go for brunch, small plates, dinner, or just drinks with friends. 

4. Where is your favorite place to take an out-of-town guest? Fountain Square. Starting from Milktooth, down to Bluebeard, then hitting the square. There you can hit up live Music at Hi-Fi, check out art at The Murphy Building and GPC, go duck pin bowling, or just people watch! There is always something fun going on down in the square.

5. Where is the best place to grab a cocktail? Prefer to hit up Mass Ave and always stop at Tinis. They hooked me with their Moscow Mule6. Where is a great place to pick up a unique gift?

6. Where is a great place to pick up a unique gift?  I love Homespun! They have a lot of local, handmade, and items that aren’t mass produced so each gift seems special.7. Where can you get the best cup of coffee? 

7. Where can you get the best cup of coffee? Hubbard and Cravens has always been my go to. If you haven’t had the Healthy Elephant, please do. 

8. What is your favorite part about living in Indy? The people! I have met so many talented, creative and inspiring people here. You still kind of get that small town feel with more opportunities than one may think.

9. Who is your favorite Indy based artist, designer, writer, or blogger? Artist – Benny Sanders without a doubt. Musician with a hidden talent for drawing, painting and printmaking that has recently surfaced. He is definitely making waves. 

10. What would you like to see next for our city? I wish more people would invest into the arts and fashion world as they have in the culinary/restaurant world. There are too many boutiques that close down and local talent that are having to find success elsewhere.

We hope this inspires you to try new experiences in our little slice of the midwest!

xoxoxo, Preppy Girl